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The International Halal Certification Bodies Convention, Malaysia is the biggest convention of its kind in the world. It brings together Halal Certification Bodies from all around the world to Malaysia to discuss implements within the Halal construct and to develop new approaches in forging a community that is concentrated in ensuring the veracity of global Halal products. This prestigious event is a partnership effort between DagangHalal and the Department of Islamic Affairs, Malaysia or JAKIM. For the year 2018, this gathering has managed to attract 900 attendees from 81 Certification Bodies of 34 countries.

The objectives of the convention are summarized in the following points:

  • To strengthen and promote Malaysia as the world’s leader in the knowledge and implementation of a Halal ecosystem.
  • To create awareness on the importance of Malaysian Halal standards and its implementation procedures.
  • To share Malaysian’s experience and expertise in Halal certification.
  • To emphasize and encourage Halal certification within the Halal economy.

Speakers at this convention are prominent personalities within Islamic communities from around the globe. They are versed in all aspects of Halal understanding and delivery. Also conveying their messages are noteworthy Islamic finance experts on methods and strategies to expand trade in Halal products.

Worldwide Attendees
Foreign Halal CBs Attended
Countries Participation

As Malaysia progresses towards growing its markets, the Halal component represents a conspicuous and important aspect of its economy. Enhancing this through a convention of this scale represents an important acknowledgement of this fact. DagangHalal will continue to collaborate with JAKIM to host more events of this nature on a global scale to highlight the importance of the Halal economy.

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DagangHalal’s training and consultancy services provide coaching and assistance for companies to comply with JAKIM’s requirements in terms of Halal certification. These services are also for those seeking to comply with other CBs certification standards (as recognized by JAKIM).