Corporate Overview

DagangHalal PLC’s overall objective is to promote Halal trade. We help to facilitate and simplify Halal business transactions anywhere and anytime.

DagangHalal operates, the world’s first global e-marketplace to provide Halal verification. With its unique Halal Verified Engine (“HVE”) database, allows the rapidly growing community of Halal suppliers and consumers to deal with confidence, assuring them that the products and services being purchased are Halal.

Our business consists of three divisions which are all interrelated:

  • E-marketplace, e-commerce and Web Solutions enables both B2B product and service listings as well as B2C sales for independent merchants looking to sell verified Halal products.
  • Halal Certificate Repository
    The HVE ( is the world’s first Halal repository designed to ensure accurate Halal verification and expedite the Halal-certification process for applicants.
  • Halal Events, Training, Education and Consultancy Business

DagangHalal’s events and media business consists of Halal trade fairs, Halal training courses, education and consultancy business as well as Halal magazine. This is a complementary division that puts DagangHalal at the centre of the global Halal industry.

Country of Incorporation
DagangHalal Plc is incorporated in Jersey under the Company (Jersey) Law 1991 (registered number 118245) and operates primarily within Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Registered Office
The Le Gallais Building, 54 Bath Street, St Helier, Jersey JE1 8SB.

Registered Date
The company was registered on 10th April 2015.

Office Location